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Package Features

If you are looking for premium Minecraft server hosting, you are in the right place!
We offer plenty of features for all of our plans!

Worldwide Connection

With our 1Gbps network, you can achieve fast connection speeds globally!


All of our services allow you to create backups, so you can always recover from loss.

DDoS Protection

All of our servers come with 480Gbps DDoS protection, so you are never left in the dark.

High Quality Servers

All of our servers use the latest technology, so that you always experience the fastest.

Pre-Sale Questions

All of our servers include 480Gbps DDoS protection, unlimited storage, and a lot more options (depending on what you order)!

Our dedicated servers come with 480Gbps DDoS protection, a 1Gbps network, Intel E5-1620v2 processors and 128GB of RAM

We generally go by the rule of every 8-12 players, you will need a minimum of 1GB of RAM. Of course, this equation can fluctuate depending on the plugins, worlds, and a lot more factors.

If you are a big server, or you like the benefits of the premium plan and plan to use them, you should definitely go for the premium plan! If you are just starting out your server and already have everything, or you are on a low budget, it can be safe to say to go with budget hosting!

Start hosting your Minecraft server today!

Happy Testimonials

KyraHosting is a very reliable and cheap hosting company. 1 GB of ram is only 2.50. That's one of the cheapest prices I ever saw! They have great 24/hr support and are willing to help you with what ever you want on your server.


KyraHosting is the best Hosting service that I have experienced so far. They are nice and always there for you and have the lowest prices for your servers. Great performance on their servers and no down time unless we are notified first.


KyraHosting has the best Customer Service I have ever seen. Extremely helpful and friendly! They're prices are magnificent and I highly recommend that anyone considering creating a server start with! Highest Quality Service for the most amazing prices!


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KyraHosting is my favorite hosting service so far! I have recommended it to multiple people and I've got nothing but good feedback! I hope to have a long future with Kyra and I plan on it. Also, offers the best support and prices! I pay 30 dollars a month for 2 servers, one has 10 gigs of ram, and the other has 5. They both have amazing DDOS protection and offer insane speeds and up time!