How to OP Yourself On Your Minecraft Server

Step 1:
Log into Multicraft or XenoPanel and select your server.

Step 2:
Once you have selected your server click console on the side bar. You have to type in /op (Your Minecraft username) then click send.

Step 3:
You’re done! Now log into you Minecraft server and you will have access to all permissions to your plugins. WARNING do not give regular players OP, they can grief and ruin your server.

OP Permission Levels:

To change OP Permission levels going into your file and change the OP-Permission-Level to and number between 1-4

Level 1: Can bypass Spawn protection implemented by bukkit/spigot.

Level 2: Access to all vanilla commands.

Level 3: Can use Ban, kick and OP and deOP other players.

Level 4: Can use all commands including /stop /restart.

If you have any issues with OPing yourself, please submit a ticket.
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