Recommended plugins


Essentials is one of the most essential plugins to have on a server. This plugin offers very useful commands such as /vanish /gamemode /fly and much more. All of these commands are set to permission nodes so you can give any player as many or as few commands as you wish.

Clearlag is a very useful plugin for big and small servers. This plugin will reduce and moniter lag on you server to make it so all your players have a lag free experience. If you have this plugin install and you are still getting lag submit a ticket asking about a timing report and we will be glad to fix the lag on your server.

Multiverse is the best and most used multi world plugin. This plugin allows you to create multiple worlds for you players to play on.

PermissionEx otherwise known as PEX is a very useful permission plugin that allows you to make groups, tags, and more.

Worldedit is one of the best building plugin. This allows you to create HUGE structures with a simple command. 

Worldguard is essentials in protecting your server from greifers. This allows you to make “Regions” which you can have “Flags” In to disallow or allow players to do things such as build and break blocks.

Huge thanks to ThePurplePvPer for making this post.
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